Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Mistress of Cobwebs WIP

Hello ❤
I haven't blogged in the past week (oops!) down to a multitude of things including being ill and rather tired, lots of work and a dance choreo (with fire!) to create and perform. As well as Anti Badger Cull protests to attend...

So as I was over doing things just a tad, I stopped this for a few days. Anyhoo. Am back:) and have been spending today preparing for my art stall at the Avalon Faery Ball and Fayre this weekend. Yay!

My lil mermaid treasure trove is pretty much done... she just needs another coat of varnish. So I'm now doing a bigger box- perfect for tarot or jewellery, aptly Halloween-y named the Mistress of Cobwebs (not Cobweb my Cat-may I add!)
So here is a little work in progress picture or 2 of my new treasure box...
I hope you like so far :)
Much to do before the weekend and many tales to tell.
But for now- sleepy times!❤

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