Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Handmade Solstice Standing Stone Yule Cards!

Hello folks  -  I decided this year - rather than order cards with my

designs on for Yule, I'd craft some unique creations all of my own! 

These are the first ones made - lovely Solstice Standing Stones

Yule/Christmas cards.

The print is mounted on luxury recycled and spangle-y heavyweight

paper, and the cards themselves measure approx 8X6'.

More cards coming soon!! :)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Introducing Miss Star - Steampunk Princess as part of The Time Travelling Cats!

Miss Star -Steam Punk Princess and Sir Cobweb  are The Time Travelling Cats!

Well - here we are with Miss Star - The Quintessential Time Travelling Kitty!
Purrrrfect for the Winter Season - she is wrapped up in her gorgeously glam gear and ready to find adventure! 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Solstice Stones

Yule Card Artwork for 2011

This year more than ever I've spent amazing, valuable and blessed time in sacred places and stone circles; Stonehenge, Avebury, Duddo, Newgrange, The Hurlers, Beaghmore and others have served as teachers, healers, and places to feel connected to the magic in the land.

When I sit and watch/sketch the stones I always see their sparks, their energy moving out in waves, connecting each stone to each other, sending out, taking in information... 

With this drawing - which is a mixture of various places, I can hear the quiet of a snowy twilight, the sounds of snow flakes softly pattering to the ground.  

I feel that if I open my mouth, I could almost taste the snow flakes on my tongue. 

I can feel the cold snow surrounding my boots as I wade through the snow to approach these stones.

There's a tension, almost like bells jingling in the air - heralding the beautiful solstice moment.

Solstice = Standstill.

The Sun sets on the shortest day, to be reborn a new.

My First Handmade Art Pendants!

Afternoon all,  this here is my first handmade art pendant I've created (yes I did try one earlier - but lets say that me, the glue and the ink had a small falling out!). I'm still wearing this at the moment as I love it! a little Steam Punk Kitty necklace is exactly what a girl needs to get her Tuesday going off with a bang! :)

I'm just perfecting my technique in making these necklaces and experimenting with some ideas, but fear not! I will have some for sale very shortly.

Have  a good Tuesday!

Monday, 14 November 2011

The Time Travelling Gentle-Kitty...

Where am I now? 
Cobweb asks eagerly.
'In a time that never was, 
And a time that never will be...'

Where do I go?
Enquires the Cat thoughtfully.
'On an airship to the future
Which leaves at quarter past 3...'

At last we have a decent scan of this time travelling gentle-kitty... :)
Where will he travel to next?

Painting and words by me, 2011. :)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Wild Hunt

New Painting - The Wild Hunt...

The Wild Hunt is a spectre which rides across the sky every Samhain (Halloween). It's a night of wild abandon and freedom, where the world of the living meets the otherworld of the fae and the ancestors...

This is a painting I did after a Shamanic Journey where I saw, and was part of the Wild Hunt... I tried to recapture the feeling as well as I could with this painting. When I was working on this more and more animals wanted to join in - so it became quite a party!

For anyone interested there are prints available on Etsy...

Monday, 7 November 2011

Lynx Fae Throw Pillow Laura Daligan's Art

I hope you don't mind me keep blogging about all the pretties I've made but as well as necklaces, clocks, boxes and coasters we also have ...der derrrrr: Lynx Fae Throw Pillow Laura Daligan's Art
Featuring the lovely Lynx Fae!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Butterfly Faerie Necklace Oval Charm Laura Daligan's Art

Hello Everyone! I've been a busy bee, creating more gifts and goodies from my art work! Very reasonably priced cushions, necklaces and magical clocks... here's a beautiful necklace: Butterfly Faerie Necklace Oval Charm Laura Daligan's Art

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Happy Zazzle Day! :)

Happy Bonfire Night everybody! Talking of things which go ... Fizzzz Weeee Bang! I have a BRAND NEW Zazzle store where you can purchase beuatiful gifts and goodies all with my artwork on - so whether you'd like a faerie necklace, a cat keyring, or to wear your favourite Goddess on you chest with pride - please visit See my store at Zazzle