Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Solstice Stones

Yule Card Artwork for 2011

This year more than ever I've spent amazing, valuable and blessed time in sacred places and stone circles; Stonehenge, Avebury, Duddo, Newgrange, The Hurlers, Beaghmore and others have served as teachers, healers, and places to feel connected to the magic in the land.

When I sit and watch/sketch the stones I always see their sparks, their energy moving out in waves, connecting each stone to each other, sending out, taking in information... 

With this drawing - which is a mixture of various places, I can hear the quiet of a snowy twilight, the sounds of snow flakes softly pattering to the ground.  

I feel that if I open my mouth, I could almost taste the snow flakes on my tongue. 

I can feel the cold snow surrounding my boots as I wade through the snow to approach these stones.

There's a tension, almost like bells jingling in the air - heralding the beautiful solstice moment.

Solstice = Standstill.

The Sun sets on the shortest day, to be reborn a new.

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