Monday, 16 May 2011

New Artwork

Lady of the Lake... inspired by the following quote from An Ogham Wood by Cliff Seruntine: 'The pale white face of a lady gazed up at him from beneath the surface. She was deep eyed and her skin was like the moonlight. Her hair floated like suspended gold around her white cheeks, framing slender shoulders clad in green. She was as still as death, and around her tiny golden radiances darted about, like minnows'

A quick impression of something/one I felt and saw in my awesome Shamanic Reiki treatment with the wonderful Paolo last week...

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Sketches from Hackney City Farm

I am currently taking a brilliant course at The Princes Drawing School, called 'Animals and Art'. Animals... Art, my two favourite topics in life ever. :) I always think it's important to keep pushing oneself, and drawing animals who usually decide to move, just when you are about to finish your picture is without a doubt a challenge. This course is 10 weeks, so expect many more animal pictures!:)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Review of An Ogham Wood...

A Review of 'An Ogham Wood' by Cliff Seruntine

'An Ogham Wood' - A Tale which Sings to your Soul

I absolutely adore this book. It is a rare, magical tale which weaves it's narrative into your very being with glittering threads. An Ogham Wood is a tale of love, loss, grief, redemption, the faerie faith, the earth, the sea, and what it means to have a soul. I felt moved to write a review for this book as I feel An Ogham Wood deserves to be read and re read by many, many people. I guarantee that whilst you are reading it you will have at least 'one foot in faerie!'

This book is a hero's tale with a human twist, showing that dark things can not only happen to good people, but sometimes must be done by good people, and the results of what this can do to the human psyche. It's a faerie myth which spans thousands of years and sings to your soul as well as firing your imagination.

I think the most striking thing about An Ogham Wood is that it feels real. To me this book is a real, living, breathing myth which grips you from the very beginning, til long past the last page. There are some things in life which just feel 'right', like they've always existed in some form or another, and we are simply waiting to rediscover them. This book, in the best possible sense is a beautiful example of one of these instances.

I love the characters, the folklore and I love the beautiful dark mysteries and light laughter of faery which are woven so well throughout this story. And yes, I was crying whilst reading it on the train, as I approached the final chapters...

The wonderful cover artwork by Marc Potts is absolutely beautiful and works with the book so well.

It's hard to sum up such a well researched, rich and emotive book, but all in all this story teams with ancient mystery, and is a must for those interested in magic, faery, or simply for those who enjoy a poignant love story...

I can't wait to read more of Cliff Seruntine's books...

Here's a link to the book on Amazon.

The White Lady of Avalon

I just realised I have also not posted this painting of The White Lady of Avalon! How naughty with blogging have I been? :) Well here she is, she was painted after a visit to Glastonbury Temple, after I saw her in a meditation.

Morgan Le Fae

I realised that I hadn't posted my painting of Morgan le Fae!
Beautiful Goddess and Dark Faery Queen... here she is in her fae glory. I hope you like her.
Prints are available from my Etsy Store :).

The Avalon Faerie Ball and Fayre - Glastonbury and The Magical Faerie Fest - Canterbury

At the Magical Faery Festival in Canterbury, April 2011 - Photo by Leon Staden

As Medusa at the Avalon Faery Ball in Glastonbury March 2011 - Photo by Gordon Burns

My Stall at the Avalon Faery Fayre...

Glastonbury Tor Pilgrimage

With Artist Esther Remmington
A wonderful time was had at both faerie events, I met so many lovely, magical people, sold some art and got very inspired!
Roll on more events! xx

Featured Artist in Faenation!

Hello all!
I do have some new art to show you, but Mercury Retrograde was unkind to me leaving me with a broken scanner, a3 printer amongst other things! So I'll post my new work up as soon as possible. However in other news: I am the Featured Artist in Faenation this month! Yippeee!
Please go and have a look and say Hi, it's a beautiful site and a must for all faery fans...

Much love,