Friday, 21 January 2011

The Fae Fox

This sketch appeared on my page this evening with a fox at her side. I'm not sure what to write about her at the moment, as I'm exhausted, and will hopefully be able to write and draw more coherently tomorrow! Perhaps a more simple sketch tomorrow... ;) As I can't write, I'll leave the words to you guys....


Gordon C Burns said...

This is so amazing. I can totally imagin this as a big canvas on the wall. I love the long tall format and think that she needs some friends to hang next to her in the set.

Another mesmerising painting.

Julie ♥ said...

Great work Laura; i agree with Gordon...I love the little fox :)

A fox's delight...
dancing by night and hunting by day,
we have heard the call,
the moon is our light,
the sun is our soul,
as all we have is each other,
we find our love,
and it is our delight,
as day falls to become the beautiful night,
we sing and dance to the sound of the drum,
as fire shines and water glistens,
we love this time for it is our joy,
as many of us are filled with delight.

Hugs xox

LauraRedWitch said...

As I start to write about this fae, the things I was supposed to write yesterday (if she hadn't kept me up painting her til 3am), a very loud Crow is cawing outside my window, and I feel this lady here has quite a tale to tell.

My friend and fabulous authoress Debbie Gallagher said about this painting, ' Wild and a little bit Wicked is she...' and I agree wholeheartedly. Crow, Fox and Foliage are her magic. Life and decay... the natural cycles without remorse or regret - revelry and extremes, a wicked glint in her eye, a cold January breeze, and a sense of wonder at her splendour; the huntress, the diva. Good or bad?
She sighs heavily, ' you humans and your need to categorize everything...'good and bad.' In your world those words are subjective; people do evil in the name of 'good' and feel guilt for what other people tell them is 'bad'.
I am a wild thing, wild and free. I am unconstrained. Life blood sap rising and quietening. I do what I like and I like what I do – mostly anyhow, she smiles...fresh dew laughter.
What's so terribly bad about a little wickedness anyway?

LauraRedWitch said...

Thanks Julie for another lovely poem and your lovely coments.*** I especially like the bit about the drum, and the fire shining and water glistening...
:) xxx