Friday, 28 October 2011

Samhain Sidhe

I am She 

Of the Moonlit Kiss

The Burning Star 

Of the Night's Frozen Bliss

I am She 

Both Seen and Unseen

Riding through Darkness

Liminal Warrior Queen 

I am She

And I am the Night 

At Samhain tide

My Gift is the Light

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Halloween Special of the Kitty Comic!

Just a quickie, to let you know that on my other new blog there is a Halloween Special of The Adventures of Cobweb and Star.... just so you know....;)



This painting took a while to complete - and a trip around the sacred sites of Ireland really helped to inspire me... 

As I'm hoping to include this as a part of my Oracle Deck, any thoughts and ideas you have about this piece I'd love to hear!
Thanks :)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Other Blog - The Kitty Comic!

Please have a look at my brand new comic blog! The Amazing Adventures of Cobweb & Star! Yup it's all about Cats :) If you like it, please follow, as I have no followers over there at the mo - boohoo! (Oh Ok I only started it half and hour ago - but that's not the point!!!)
Thank you!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Ladies of St Nectan's Glen

The Lady of St. Nectan's Glen
Has eyes the colour of autumn leaves
Hair which feels like moss through the trees
Skin as pale as waterfall foam
A voice sweet as bells ringing
Calling me home

Throughout the month of September I went on a magical and sacred journey throughout the UK and Eire. I was a guest guide for Dragon's Eye Tours - a small Australian touring company, and I had a wonderful, life changing experience being able to spend a month just being in these magical places. A month living and breathing meditation, exploration, history, myth, magic, ritual and archaeology. I met some wonderful, knowledgeable and fascinating guest guides throughout the trip including a chance to reunite with Ronald Hutton (he should be a Sir eh?!), Maria Wheatley and Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone.

I have so much to write and say about this trip, I'm looking over my diary of the time now, trying to work out the best way to format it - but for now I will leave you with a painting I have done inspired by an unforgettable trip to St Nectan's Glen and Kieve Waterfall.

These Lady's are drawn from a vision I had whilst standing in the pools of the waterfall.
I'm hoping these will make a lovely edition to the oracle Deck I am working on.I have so much more to share, so will be back soon.

Any thoughts comments and feedback appreciated. As long as it's constructive :)