Sunday, 16 January 2011

Drift away Sunday

Sleepy head
Time for bed
Under dancing stars
And laughing moon

My dreams will fly
Through worlds unknown
While safe I lie
In my cosy home

Drifting head
Time for bed
Sunday sleep
A promise to keep


Gordon C Burns said...

Love it! Nuff said!

Julie ♥ said...
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Julie ♥ said...

Hahaha...I always seem to catch your daily blogs;the day after the day before!!!

Loved all your daily sketches...But yesterdays inparticulier caught my attention; i love the poem Laura and it got my poetic juices flowing...So if you don't mind i'm going to add to your poem?
Here we go; deep breath....

Good morning the sun is up time to fill your coffee cup...

The day is new and how it will be is up to you.
Don’t worry about the troubles of yesterday
that will only leave you in dismay.
This day is fresh and life has begun anew
makes plan to purse...

what it is that you seek
so that you can stand on the highest peak
filled with delight
knowing that the day is bright.

Have a fantastic day
and I pray something positive comes your way.

Each morning is the birth of a new opportunity...Drift away Monday...

Now that’s a promise to keep...

Keep up the great work Laura & i look forward to this evenings sketch :)) xox

LauraRedWitch said...

Hi Julie :)
Thank you for sharing your lovely poems! I love reading poetry so keep it coming, and I'm glad this was inspirational in some way.
Hugs xxx

Julie ♥ said...

Thank you Laura & hugs back to you xxx

Ciara Fitz x said...

Aw xxx Zzzzzzz