Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Snow Queen

 - The Snow Queen - riding across the Arctic twilight sky with her totem animals. Trust is theirs - there are no reins or bonds needed, their love, energy and focus holds them together on this sacred journey.

She brings the spirit of change, of purpose, fight, light within dark - rebirth.
And for these animals, who are all endangered the tide must change - she brings the human help they so desperately need...

Between the Worlds - 2011 - A Retrospective

Happy New Year to you all! The end of 2011 was so busy I barely had a minute to relax, let alone blog, but now here we are in 2012 - how on earth did that happen?

I was having a  bath the other week, as one does, and thinking over the year that was - and so I thought it might be nice to do a retrospective of the art I created in 2011. So here are some of my fave pieces from 2011 - with some faerie tale music by Kevin McLeod...

Like the fool I am, I missed 2 of my favourite pieces out - so I'll add them as an extra here! :

The Wild Hunt and the White Lady of Avalon

Wishing you every happiness for 2012, and the fulfilment of your dreams.