Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pet Pawtraits

Evening :) Today doesn't really bring a sketch. It brings a completed commission of a wonderful Kitty who unfortunately passed away earlier this year. I'm delighted to say that Hobbs's guardians Darren and Carol, are really pleased with her paw-trait, and feel that I have 'captured' something of Hobbs's spirit. This makes me feel over the moon; it's a beautiful honour, as an animal lover to capture something of the essence of a pet or wild animal.

So here is Hobbs's Paw-trait, please note that the colours in the photo are a bit darker than the actual painting. The painting is 10X8" acrylic on canvas.

Hobbs xxx Copyright Laura Daligan

Just to compare I've put the photo of Hobbs and the painting together...

This reminded me of another animal paw-trait I did last December of our beloved family Dog Benny, who also unfortunately passed away in February this year. He was, and is very loved, and I know my Mum is so pleased to have this pawtrait on her wall - she often feels he is looking over her shoulder - quite disapprovingly, as he would have done in life :).

Benny XXX

Benny  -  copyright Laura Daligan
The painting is 10X8" acrylic on canvas.

And also below a comparison...

I look forwards to doing many more pet pawtraits to make their guardians happy! :)

Night! xx

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