Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Spaced Out Tuesdays...

Hello gang  -  Hope your Tuesday has treated you well... I may have mentioned yesterday, but I've not been feeling too well, so it's all a bit slow here in Camp Daligan. Well I say slow, there are a billion and one things to do, and I'm muffling my way through them between epic sleeps...

But despite my uber slow day, I have been fairly busy with the paintbrush! I have (as long as the owners are happy) finished the lovely Kitty pawtrait I've been doing, which I'll post here as soon as they have seen it and are happy.

I've also done some more work on my (here goes) Mini Moon Mermaid Treasure Chest (say that five times after a wine!) - not quite finished yet, but I''ll post some pics up here. It's my first time painitng a little box, or a box at all for that matter and I am having some fun with this, with added shells and other treasures. As mentioned this box is around  6 to 8 cms- so it's very cute!

Hope you like! Will finish this lil treasure and keep you posted.

And here is to something rather spacey... I was listening to the NASA Planet sound recordings (if you haven't listened to them  -  please do - they blew my mind!)
And here is my very rough meditative response to Neptune.

Neptune -  Ascend -  Embrace - Explore the Beyond

Sweet dreams x

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