Monday, 2 September 2013

Art Blog Day 2 - Etsy and WIP

Evening all. Well there were some drawing plans for today that have as yet gone astray, but I'll hopefully bring them into tomorrow's blog.

Firstly today was beautiful, sunny and bright, and as we are in September I feel it's important to make the most of the last of the Summer Sun, as Winter feels a long time grey. I took a nice amble on to the Heath and got some inspiration from the Trees, which I'll talk more about tomorrow.

As now we are in the Ogham Tree Calendar month of Muin -  the Vine/Bramble I spent some time connecting with, and munching on the Blackberry Brambles...I sat and meditated by a large area of Bramble that was shaped like a mound or a lodge, with a small doorway in it. I'll post my thoughts and sketches on this tomorrow!

The afternoon was swept away with photographing Pendants and updating my Etsy Shop -  it does take a long time, but it was worth it! Popped some of my newest Pendants on there, so do take a look if you get a mo! :)

So the photos today are more progress on my Medusa painting... still a little way to go, but I'll share some of the images. The photo quality is not that great as they were taken on my i phone in all different lighting.

Medusa without her mask...

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