Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Lunar Day 9 - Loose Muse

Hello all :) Well today I had the pleasure of being able to talk about my art and poetry at the Loose Muse event at the Poetry Cafe, with friend and poet Anna Mckerrow. Anna read from her wonderful, mesmerizing last book Taropoetics, and then I did a lil talk about my art, my journey and being an illustrator. I found that even though I can usually talk the hind legs off a donkey, I find it really hard to talk about my art and what it means to me as it is such a big, soulful part of me. It was a wonderful experience, and I think I have some ideas if I'm asked again to talk about what I do.
So getting back rather late, sans blog entry I sketched todays picture. I gave myself the theme of a loose muse, and waited to see how they would present themselves. This spring like image was not what I expected after what seems like months of winter, but maybe it's exactly what I need, a sense of burgeoning life and energy.
Just a little sketch... but again possibly something I could work more with.

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