Friday, 6 April 2012

The Land of the Lost Wolves

'The Land of the Lost Wolves' - is a BBC 1 documentary programme that started yesterday and concludes this evening. It provoked a strong reaction in everyone I spoke to who had watched it - with some frankly scary, archaic and evil attitudes towards wolves from a handful of Hunters and Rangers. There were some lovely and compassionate people too; the people who went out, searched and watched the Wolves seemed genuinely mesmerized and enchanted by them.

Calm, majestic and achingly beautiful Wolves possess a serenity, wildness, and unfortunately a sadness that shines brightly in stark contrast to certain cruel and blood thirsty morons.

And if I have to hear one more drawl of 'well you'd shoot a wolf it it attacked your family'... then I may scream and throw things at the TV. There are NO cases of Wolves attacking humans without being provoked. None - not one case on record since records began. Where as humans have driven Wolves to the edge of extinction on more than one occasion.

It's so saddening how much 'hate' there is towards Wolves, on facebook there are several pro wolf hunting pages and groups which show vile pictures and promote killing 'evil' and 'threatening' Wolves.

But there is a lot of support for Wolves too - and I hope that the Law will protect them and that people's negative attitudes can be changed.

This piece I painted in February this year and I realised I hadn't shared it on the blog. I have re named it to that of the TV show, as I feel it's a very apt and emotive title.It's acrylic and pen on Wood.
I hope you like it.

Also - Happy Full Moon in Libra -  I hope Selene and her Silver Light brings you harmony, alchemy, peace and joy!
Blessings x

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Alchemilla Mollis said...

Wolves are my most favourite creature on the planet. It's so sad to see so much hatred towards such beautiful creatures. It still beggars belief that people who vilify the wolf seen to ignore the fact that they probably share their homes with one or more... When I get to south Spain next week I will be visiting Lobopark, and I can't wait!