Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Ladies of St Nectan's Glen - A Faerie Tale

This was something I meant to do around  6 months ago, to write the stories behind the paintings, especially when the paintings were created after a magickal/faerie experience. I recall in the last blog with this image which I posted in October 2011 that I included a poem I wrote after visiting St. Nectan's Glen in Cornwall last September:

The Lady of St. Nectan's Glen
Has eyes the colour of autumn leaves
Hair which feels like moss through the trees
Skin as pale as waterfall foam
A voice sweet as bells ringing
Calling me home

As the visit was a fair few months ago, I've decided to tell this story from the diary I wrote at the time...

Visiting St. Nectan's  Glen and Kieve Waterfall was the most enchanting and magical faerie experience. It is such a healing and wonderful place, I can't wait to visit again. The energy was otherworldly, and as I was walking through the forest, I knew I was piercing the veil into faerie. 

My initial feeling while walking through the trees, and hearing the gentle gush of the stream, was that this place needs protecting. It's a hidden pocket of magic, so rarely seen in this country these days. I wish the world was more like this place, this perfect place of magic, so far removed from our poisoned cities.

As we continued our walk the sound of the water fall became louder, I was in bliss, I could have happily set up camp and stayed there.We reached a cafe and house, owned by the family who own and care for the waterfall, it's for sale btw, for around a million or so! Not bad considering that the waterfall and all the land comes with it... imagine! 

There is a sacred shine next to the cafe -  a little sanctuary where the water gathers and many many people had hung prayers and votive offerings amongst the statues and rocks. This was apparently St. Nectan's cell, and it's definitely a place for quiet devotion and meditation.

As we descended  to the waterfall a wave of fae excitement tingled through my body. Keive waterfalls is the most beautiful Goddess like waterfall. Standing under the waterfall, with the cool water up to almost my knees, with my back pressed to the stone, I felt that I was held in the womb of the Goddess - protected, nurtured and healed.

The Lady of the Falls took me by the hands and danced with me - She said that I was one of them.

Me by the Waterfall - photo by Jetset Ballina

These two photos were taken moments apart - one no orbs, the next orbs everywhere!
 Truly magical.

The orbs which appeared on the photos show the unbelievable magic of the place. I feel fresh and alive in these beautiful places.  I hung my red ribbon votive and a little note to a branch amongst hundreds of others, of all shapes and sizes... including a rather bizarre bag piping Teddy...

In a bubble of joy and faerie dust -  I didn't want to leave.

My painting - The Ladies of St Nectan's Glen as I saw, felt and experienced them...

Do they speak to you? What do you sense when you look upon them?

Laura x

NB There are two things I wanted to add to this blog. One I forgot to mention when writing this, and the other thing I've learned since, through discussions on facebook with Rob Wildwood. 
Firstly what I forgot to mention is this -  the 'plan' for this painting was to paint one Lady (the one on the left), however whilst painting I felt the need to add the second Lady. After doing so I read some information about St Nectan, and when he died at the waterfall, two mysterious ladies 'appeared' and cared for his body, burying him in the bed of the waterfall.  Interesting! :)

Secondly there appears to be more to to 'Saint Nectan' than meets the eye :). Nectan or Nechtan is a Celtic God of Water, Wells and Wisdom - so perhaps the Water God and the Water Nymphs have an older and wiser history than is commonly documented! :)

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