Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Huldra and Other Tails...

Happy April to you -  I hope you are enjoying the sun and the blossoming trees. I love this time of year when life returns to the world, we all come out of hibernation, and plans and dreams begin to thaw and take root.

I've not blogged for a while and I'm wondering where on earth the last 3 months of 2012 have gone to! It's definitely shot by in the blink of an eye- it's been hectic busy, beautiful, sad and magical for me so far - however there is such a change in the air this year don'tcha think? It's like an electrical current charging through people, bringing on long desired shifts.

Anyway! Here's a few things I've been up to that you may be interested in...
I've got some new witchy videos and interviews on my YouTube channel: and today we were out filming some more videos, which should be online within the next few days.

Over the past couple of months I've been doing a Graphic Novel course at the Princes Drawing School with the lovely Emily Haworth-Booth, which was exceptionally inspirational! The result of this is that I've been starting my first short Graphic Novel/Comic which I've named 'Huldra'. The first few pages of the comic is all inked up - and I'm realising that this inking milarky takes a lot of work! :) I'll be colouring it soon, and then I'll post a few pages on here. I'm rather excited about it all and have been boring my boyfriend senseless with the words 'my comic' for the last 10 weeks (isn't that a geek role reversal!!?).

So here is a painting of the lovely Huldra - this will appear in the comic, and will also feature along side an article by Helena Lundvik in an upcoming book on Faerie Queens by Avalonia Press.

The Huldra is a seductive Scandinavian forest fae being from folklore -  the root meaning of the name Huldra is 'secret' or covered. She is a guardian of the forest and a Lady of the animals, she was sometimes seen with a back like a hollow tree and often had a fox or cow's tail. In my story she has a foxes tail. Here is my painting of her...

I've also been doing Fire Dancing and I wanted to show you a video of me and my fiery partner in crime performing, but alas ... YouTube has swallowed it - so I'll hopefully find it and post another time!

Until next time!
Fae Blessings :)
Laura X

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