Saturday, 22 January 2011

Butterfly Whisper... Fae Take Over :)

The Fae muse take over continues... and long may she reign!

Something has been going on over the course of this blog, something which feels I don't need to sleep, or do practical normal things. Something, however that I'm loving so much. The muse is here, and she is rocking my world.

I planned something more simple today, after yesterday's Fae fox. But I'm happy to say 'Butterflies Whisper' isn't too simple. I was definitely in need of a more gentle energy. I tried to draw a sleeping fae (it's a hint, to remind the powers that be, that I, unlike Bon Jovi, enjoy a lil sleep once in a while!) but that didn't work, and so here we have her... delicate, gentle, at one with her surroundings and listening to the rhythmic whisper of the butterflies... I hope you like her.