Sunday, 1 September 2013

Goddess of the Starways

The Goddess

This blog is themed around a painting I have recently completed. And a painting I have loved creating, truly and deeply. There have been some deeply magical and transformative experiences over the past few weeks, ones which have taken me to the core. These experiences have not always been comfortable, often confusing, sometimes disheartening, but highlighted with moments of brilliant clarity, connectedness and healing. A process of shift and change.

There are many things I'd like to tell you about Her; Her name, origin, how She makes me feel when I gaze into the stars of Her eyes, the meditations and journeys undertaken. But these things perhaps are not fully realised. 

Names come to mind, Ishtar,  Elen of the Ways, and in this case, the Starways.
She is distant and otherworldly, yet I sense with her a great compassion, a guiding light through the upperworlds, the stars, the forests and straight through to the heart.

Sometimes She looks at me from my easel with compassion, sometimes with frustration, but always gentle. Other times with the keys to a bigger brighter world if I just care to look and take the time.
She also has her eyes on a beautiful ornate frame, which will happen when funds allow!

Here She is:

She leads a dance of star~fyre 
On pathways carved in silver ice 
A wise web of being
All things. No thing.

Her places are the old woods
Upon shining stellar wheels
And in the depths of your heart.
Aching, loving,

Lay your tears at Her altar
Let there be no barriers to love
An offering of Transformation
Blessed. Always.

I've had some beautiful feedback already, and some have brought prints as they felt so connected to her, so 'Thank You' so much for your interest and your support. XX

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