Monday, 1 October 2012

October Sketch Fest - Cos I haven't got enough to do!

Hello lovely people who have wandered to this blog, if you look up the page, you'll see that I haven't posted for a while. Apart from feeling a little guilt about my lack of consistency I feel everything has it's season, and now feels like a good time to renew this venture.

Since last posting, I have been doing loads of artwork, personal projects and commissions, dancing, other esoteric works I do, and starting a big house move, and for these reasons over the busy Summer months this blog has faded. I'll post much of the *stuff* which I have been working on recently over the coming weeks - or/and you can check it all out on: where I have been much more regular, as it were.

And as Summer passes to twilight months, this little blogston has been on my mind.    

So here we are in October 2012, riding the wave of this most interesting year, and just when I thought I couldn't set myself any more things on my 'to do list' I find myself prompting a daily sketch in October.

Perhaps it's because I have quite so many wonderful, challenging and consuming things to do, that I thought making space for the muse to bring Her creative randomity in would be a good idea. We'll see. Anyway we'll give it a go -  October Sketchfest. Do join in - if you feel so inclined... :)

October 1st -  The Turning
copyright Laura Daligan 2012


This blog was brought to you with the gorgeous sounds of Little Dragon - 'Twice' and the Smoke Fairies 'Summer Fades'.

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