Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lynx Fae - The Knower of Secrets

About the Lynx Fae....
If you can find her, she'll be in the North, hidden in snowy forests, looking down from the highest hills.
If you can hear her, she moves as softly as the newly fallen snow.

She is only seen when she allows it, as hers is the gift of the hidden.
Her smile belongs to those who know the heart's deepest secrets.
She is the Keeper of Secrets, the Lady of Silent Knowing.

The Lynx and her are one; one mind, one magic, alert and attuned to the environment, their ears pricking to the slightest sound, the subtlest shift.
Theirs is the magic of Knowing what others do not.
If you ask, they will weave sparkling webs of your dreams, allow you to see truths from falsehoods, help you see the unseen...

Their wisdom is the cold winter, which strips life back to the core.
Their lesson
is deep inner knowing.
And so they smile, their secret smile, and turn into the woodlands, she looks over her shoulder back towards you, but before you manage to say a word, she is gone.