Friday, 2 January 2009

Day 2: A Ganesh in progress!

Ah... Day 2 and Ganesh (the unfinished) was sitting on my easel looking appealing, plus my star sign said 'don't take on any more challenges until you finish ones you have already started...' so I took that as a sign, as it were. I did a commission of Ganesh a couple of years ago, and that's where my love affair with this gorgeous elephant God started. I researched the myths and beliefs and now have little Ganesh and Shiva shrine in my flat, a few months ago I started the above painting, a slightly smaller(approx 2ftX2ft) canvas of him for my set of world Godesses and Gods, which so far includes a lovely lioness (Sekhmet) and this almost done Ganeshy! He will be done soon and, and then there will be a better picture of this painting online.
Random insight...there is a statue of Ganesh in the Yoga studio I go to, when I feel I can't do a pose I often imagine he is helping me with the poses w, pulling me up, stretching me out etc. Elephant yoga= genius.

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