Monday, 29 December 2008

A Little Introduction!

The Autumn Queen - Laura Daligan
Inks and Watercolour on Paper.

'Macabre and witchy, womanly and bizarre. I aim to express emotions as powerful visuals in my work.'

I am an artist and illustrator, living in North London with my lovely man and our two crazy kits Cobweb and Star, they're at that age where they are probably to big to be called 'Kittens' but are too much my babies to be called 'Cats', so we shall have to stick to Kits and Cattens for now!

To view more of my paintings and drawings please go to my website, where you can see a full bio of illustration commissions that I have done, plus loads of finished art work... you know you want to... go on.. just click your mouse over this pretty!

From the 1st of January I shall be doing a 31 Day Art Blog, which I am very excited about! Basically I shall upload the art that I create... everyday. Whether it be sketches, finished and
unfinished paintings, ideas, whatever, this is to get me started in 2009 in the best way I can, by pushing my work as far as can be...daily!

As I do currently have many other a job to do, being a psychic, astrolger, writer and wiccan witch, I shall probably not be able to upload finished pieces everyday, but I shall do my very best as, being a typical Aries, I have a lot of projects on the go! To find out more about my psychic work, or to book a reading please check out my

It is, and has always been my dream to be able to paint and draw everyday, and in 2009 I am determined to make it happen!

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