Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Save Us - Stop the Cull

This late night sketch says it all for me tonight. I have spent a lot of time talking about this recently, and I will continue to. The Badger cull is inhumane, senseless and all scientific tests have proved that a cull in Badgers will not cure Bovine TB (as the name suggests it is Bovine TB). Both Badgers and Cattle are effected by this illness and it is obviously awful for both. However vaccination is the ONLY way forwards here, it's not easy  -  but it needs to be done. 
Brian May has been protesting and protecting British wildlife for a while now -  to me he is an awesome, admirable and caring man, in a world ruled by ignorance. 
Please if you care, look into this and protest, sign petitions and get involved, as when animals get killed needlessly there is no turning back.
So, this is my drawing today. Just a sketch... 

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